A dying man trusted you to save his baby — don’t let him down

by Jemima Khan

Pakistan celebrated its 63rd birthday yesterday. It’s the country I feel I grew up in, arriving 15 years ago almost to the day as a 21-year-old bride and emerging a decade later a more questioning and conflicted person. I now have children who support the national cricket team and who visit every school holiday. I am still maddened by Pakistan’s faults, but I am inextricably connected to it and become defensive if others criticise.

I still go there often. Last year I visited the refugee camps close to the Swat valley where the army was fighting the Taliban. At that time there were up to 2.5m internally displaced people as a result of conflict in the northwest of the country. I heard how every child in the camp had witnessed public beheadings.

A few years earlier I was in Pakistan in the aftermath of the earthquake that killed about 75,000 people. On top of the war against the Taliban, with almost daily suicide bombings, a separatist uprising in the province of Baluchistan, a hostile neighbour, recession, inflation and unemployment, Pakistan seems to face a natural disaster almost every year.

Read full article at The Sunday Times.


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5 responses to “A dying man trusted you to save his baby — don’t let him down

  1. Sana Malik

    Assalam u Alaikum
    My name is Sana and i live in Ireland…I am really glad that Imran Khan has come forward to help the flood victims and to whom we can donate undoubtly. I am organisning a fund raising event here in my town called Drogheda and InshAllah will give all the money that i rasie InshAllah to Imran Khan`s foundation.

    May Allah bless you

  2. Raza Shah

    Dear Imran Khan:
    I am an overseas Pakistani who like every one else looks at you as the only hope to lead this poor nation to success. I am supporting you along my family and everyone else that I know to accomplish this mission and get our great nation out of this trouble times. May Allah give you the courage and success. Amin

  3. Imrankhan god bless you ijust saw you Nadia khanshow we live out off country&i told all my friends please please donate through we don’t trust any one you are hero I hope Boone can send amount chore govt . We trust soon I will send your side some amount thanks imran and all your team

  4. Sana

    Thanks imran Bhai,
    I am one of ur best fans and followers, I blv only u r the one who can do so much in Pakistan. U r a great Pakistani and great leader. I am inshallah planning to donate $500 by next week. We all trust u, May Allah given u enough strength to accomplish ur dreams and to make a better Pakistan for our next generation.

  5. Hafizur Malik

    Dear Imran sahib. pakistanis abroad believe only you can deliver so please go ahead and do your best to help needy people.we were anxiously waiting for you to come forward.we are relieved to see you in action.Our prayers are with you

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