Imran Khan launches Pakistan floods appeal

Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician, is launching his own emergency fundraising appeal for the victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan, pitting him directly against the government’s own efforts.

The Imran Khan Flood Relief organisation will seek to tackle both the immediate emergency and the long-term rehabilitation work required. “The government has totally collapsed, there’s no government here,” Khan told the Guardian. “The government’s efforts to raise money have totally failed because no one trusts the government.”

Khan will seek to mobilise thousands of Pakistanis behind his cause, to produce an army of volunteers to carry out the work. The floods have ravaged at least a fifth of the land mass of Pakistan and has hit 20 million people, with the waters continuing to envelop new areas.

Read full article at The Guardian


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23 responses to “Imran Khan launches Pakistan floods appeal

  1. Murtaza Buriro

    Honourable IMRAN KHAN Sahib,
    maen village jani wand tahsil garhi khairo distt. Jacobabad se arz kar rha ho k mera pora gao selab maen dob gaia hai aor maen bhe app ke party ka warker ho plz sardi ka mosam hai barsat bhe ho rahe hai hamen kuch tant chahia baqi ham mazore kar k apna pet palen ge hame rashan ke zarorat nahen haen wo Allah de ga hamare gao ke visit krwai. Plzzz help me iam very poar faimle.
    (GHULAM MURTAZ) 03337334347 jacobabad.

  2. Yuusuf Abdullah

    God will bless u imran and make ikf to be prosper(amin)


    Can someone please give me a contact for UK?

    • United Kingdom
      1. Pay directly into Lloyds bank account:00191424; sort code: 30-92-90.
      2. Send a cheque made payable to ‘Imran Khan Flood Relief’ to PO Box 58511, London, SW13 3AA

  4. Aayesha Khan

    Asalam aleikum,

    Me & my family lives in Saint Louis and would like to organize clothing and household supply donations that can be sent to Pakistan via the PIA Cargo flights but we want to make sure the donations are utilized and distributed correctly. We are planning to organize them in boxes for Mens, Womens, children & household goods. Is there anyway that the Imran Khan foundation can collect these boxes from the PIA Cargo terminals.
    Dr. Aayesha Khan

  5. Ruhma Shahid

    Assalam o alaikum
    I think what you are doing is great but this doesnt end here. We all have to get united to help our people, both financially and emotionally.
    I am a medical student from Lahore. Please tell me ANYTHING I can do to help.

  6. Assalam o alaikum
    i think what you are doing is great but this doesnt end here. we hav to all get united and help our people in need, both financially and emotionally.
    i am a medical student in Lahore. Please let me know if i can do anything to help.

  7. nazar shaukat

    Why VISA card issued from Pakistan cannot be used. I am working in remote area of Saudi Arabia & can donate only through VISA credit card.

  8. Ahsan Sheikh

    As a suggestion, IKF should look into obtaining a mobile text number (generally 5 digit number) for people in US who like to donate for flood relief via texting.

    For example, 864-233 is assigned to UNICEF if anyone in US like to donate $10 by simply texting.

  9. Mohsin

    Bravo! keep up the good work. I hope your efforts and people’s contributions make a difference and the flood affectees get relief soon.

  10. Sheraz Malik

    What about volunteer opportunities? now or in the long term rehab of the affected areas.

  11. Arij Ahmed Sheikh

    Dear Sir,
    I am a student studying in the uae and i am visiting karachi very soon. I really want to be part of the pukaar/IKRF initative by volunteering in releif camps. I understand that you have set up camps in karachi on the 22nd of august, and also plan to send trucks to various parts of sindh and kp. Please let me know if there are is a formal registration process for releif efforts or any relevant contact number for this purpose. Kindly do reply as i wil schedule my trip accordingly to karachi
    yours truly


  12. Muhammad

    Imran Khan is the man. He is one of the only few people one can donate with eyes closed because he is a man of his words. He has shown his character by building the cancer hospital, etc. May ALLAH bless him and help him carry out his mission to help humanity in need.

  13. kareem

    I do not trust him, how he can assure that imran khan has authorized him,

    imran khan is working with MKR Foundation in Pakistan, so all funds should go there, please double check all the info..

  14. Naveed Ahmad

    Salam Alekum!
    I hope the donations will be utilised wisely on the the flood victims.

    Allah Hafiz

  15. tazeen rizvi


  16. Abdul Haseeb Awan

    You are great IK. We Trust You !

  17. naveed arfan

    imran God bless you

  18. Nadeem Arshad

    My company will match my donations upto $ 500. IKF is already 501c3 so its all good. After my donation i need to mail ( address ? ) a form ti IKF and somone in IKF has to fill it and send it back to my company to claim the matching gift.
    IS IKF prepared to entertain the paperwork needs?
    This can really double the donations since most of the companies in US match the donations to a certain extent.
    Please reply
    Thanks ,
    Nadeem Arshad
    Ames, IOWA

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