Thank you

So far we have collected $446,724.13 this is just the amount collected online using PayPal.

The breakup is as follows.


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5 responses to “Thank you

  1. Rashid Akhter

    Is it possible to update the donations with complete details including the donor’s name. We trust you but this transparency will help getting trust from more people.

  2. kamran Khan

    Imran Khan is our hero and will always be our hero, I believe he is the most honest Person & Politician we ever had after Quaid-e-Azam, we should all pull behind his wagon in this flood relief effort he is making. In return for his honesty, courage and hard work with which he brought us the World cup we should get behind his party and make sure he wins the next election by Landslide Victory Insha-Allah, and make him our next President, he is the only hope I see for our country after Allah-Subhana-Talah. We have tried all others I think he deserves a chance to be our next President, I am pretty sure he can turn around our Country and make it a Super Power.

  3. I.H. Qazi

    PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN are going through a very tough time due to flood water. I can see the strong will of people from the images on TV and in pictures in print media nationally and internationally. Imran Khan PUKKAR is heard loud and clear. We can do it with the best of our efforts and help and support from ALL Mighty ALLAH. Every dollar counts. Let us come foward whatever we can. I have done it for now and will surely continue in future, INSHA-ALLAH.
    Ijaz Qazi USA.

  4. Mr. Imran khan All Time With You Now In Lahore Uc 23 Lahore Make One Big Cump Soon Dareliver Its Pti With Pukaar Salam Sir.

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