Imran reiterates commitment to raise funds for rehab of flood affectees

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has expressed his resolve that he will leave no stone unturned in his effort to raise maximum funds for the rehabilitation of flood displaced persons.

Addressing on the eve of inauguration of the “Convoy of Hope” here on Sunday evening, Imran demanded the Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani to cancel his trip to New York scheduled in next week in view of grave economic situation of the country, underlining the need for saving every penny for relief efforts.

He said it is matter of shame that international community has no trust in the government of Pakistan.

He said that more than 200 trucks carrying medicine and food for the flood affectees of KP is the first phase.

He pledged that similar Convoy carrying relief items will be sent to the other provinces in couple of days.

He said that people response to his call to donate has been very positive.


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6 responses to “Imran reiterates commitment to raise funds for rehab of flood affectees

  1. Alright Buddy, Thanks for the Reply.. I donated 🙂 Inshallah sahi jaga pe hi saman jayega..

  2. Salam,

    I m khaled from malaysia. I wanna donate $30 or more to this foundation.. but I hv two questions.. No offence –

    1 – how do I grantee you will give it to the needy..

    2 – Whats ur paypal ID

    Please dont mind my question.. but I dont want my money to get wasted..

    • 1. You are welcome to go through our site and also the news of what IKF has been doing. We want this process to be as transparent as it can be.
      2. You can use the paypal button or send your donations to info(at)

    • Syed Ali

      I appreciate your kind decision to make a donation..This organisation is one of the most trusted organisation in Pakistan…more trusted than the government,and you can see the pics of this organisation doing relief efforts…And just press “donate via paypal” button and there you go..

  3. kamran Khan

    Imran Khan is our hero and will always be our hero, I believe he is the most honest Person & Politician we ever had after Quaid-e-Azam, we should all pull behind his wagon in this flood relief effort he is making. In return for his honesty, courage and hard work with which he brought us the World cup we should get behind his party and make sure he wins the next election by Landslide Victory Insha-Allah, and make him our next President, he is the only hope I see for our country after Allah-Subhana-Talah. We have tried all others I think he deserves a chance to be our next President, I am pretty sure he can turn around our Country and make it a Super Power.

    • Zulfi Malik (Toronto)

      No doubt about what it has been said in your comments. He is the only hope now. I pray that our people wake up now and do task of their part which is to cast vote for Imran Khan in the next election. That’s all he needs from us. I am very confident that he can deliver what he promises. Allah may give him long life with good health and the same spirit to serve our badly beaten nation.

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