Million Dollars and counting.

It gives me great satisfaction to report the following updates:

The total collected so far by the Imran Khan Foundation in the US has
crossed the million dollar figure.

As I report this right now the total amount that has collected by IKF US as of Aug 31st 2010 stands as follows:

On line through Pay pal                                      $793,600.00
Checks, direct deposits, wire transfers        $346,577.20
Total Collected so far (Aug 31st 2010):    $1,140,177.20

In addition to the above we still have pledges to collect and many “checks in the mail” are on the way.

Remember,  our target for month of Ramzan is $2 million. We have 8 more days to go so let’s give it everything we’ve got.

Remember,  It’s never a problem,  it’s always a challenge!

Ali Zaidi
Board Member
The Imran Khan Foundation, Inc
+97150 505 6263


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9 responses to “Million Dollars and counting.

  1. zeeshan

    Am astonished to see the genorisity of the people from all over the world.
    Imran khan and his team is doing a great job.
    Good going team.. keep up the good work.
    God Bless you all

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  3. Haris Siddiqui


    Alhumdulillah on Monday i.e. the 27th of Ramadan, we held a Fundraiser here in Chicago for IKF and our target was to collect $25,000. We collected well over $30,000 and are still collecting more.

    Go IK!!!

  4. QB

    Have the donations stopped coming now? The amount collected “$1,140,177.20” is as of Aug 31. Please update it so that people get encouraged to see a positive flow.

  5. Rafi S

    Great job all; workers and donors. A thought, someone ought to start thinking about donor fatigue and come up with a plan to address it. Glad to see that someone is monitoring the comments.

    Rab Rakha!

  6. Hi guys any offices in Pakistan?

  7. Ayesha

    Are there any volunteers heading to pakistan to help? If so,I would like to be a volunteer!


  8. Haris Siddiqui

    This is unprecedented feat that IKF has achieved in a mere month. I truly commend the efforts of every single individual in IKF and whole heartedly thank those who have loosened their pockets to donate for a struggling nation. It brings joy to my heart to see our countrymen stand up for our beautiful nation and what Mr.Khan has achieved is truly unique in the sense that we direly need someone one of this caliber to lead our nation away form these dark days. May Allah shower his blessing upon all of us and may he clean and open the hearts of all Pakistani’s for one another so we could once again proclaim, Pakistan Zindabad.

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