Double your Donation$

Make Your Donation Go Further

Want to increase the impact of your donation? It’s simple! You can double, maybe even triple the value of your donation through corporate gift matching. Many companies today recognize the importance of social responsibility, and match the donations made by their employees. Through corporate gift matching, you can easily multiply your donation to Imran Khan Foundation, make your dollars go further and help change and save lives.

Is your company on our list? Here are the companies that already have Imran Khan Foundation to their employee gift matching program:

GE Foundation
The Economist Group
BHP Billiton
Bank of America

Help add your company to our list! Become a hero at work! Our list is being updated continuously. If your company is not involved, you can inspire a corporate gift matching program with your contribution. Help start an employee matching gifts program at your organization.

Simply ask at work if your company matches employee donations. If your employer offers the program, find out if Imran Khan Foundation is on the list of charities they support. If IKF is not on the list then find out how to add it.

Basic information you may need:

Organization’s name: Imran Khan Foundation
Tax id: 20-3770402
Name of Contact: Shafiq khan
Title of Contact: treasurer
Year organization was founded: 2005
Address: 30 Barcelona,Irvine, CA 92614
Mission Statement: The mission of Imran Khan Foundation is to provide aid and assistance to philanthropic projects in education, social and health care sectors and to provide relief to the needy especially in the time of natural disasters.


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4 responses to “Double your Donation$

  1. Faisal

    Motorola Foundation is matching all donations to Imran Khan Foundation.

  2. Noman Khan

    PepsiCo is matching the contributions as well now.

  3. Sami

    DirecTV has Imran Khan Foundation as eligible organization for Gift Matching

  4. Abid Akhtar


    BHP Billiton also matches Employees donations. I have contributed through that and have added Imran khan foundation in its charity list. Please update the companies list on web.


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