Two Million Dollars and counting.

Imran Khan Foundation had targeted to collect $2 million before the end of Ramzan.

I am thrilled to announce that as of today Sept 9th 2010, the total collected so far by the Imran Khan Foundation in the US has crossed the $2.5 million mark…and then some.

Breakup is as follows:

On line through PAYPAL: $1,428,600.00
Checks, direct deposits, wire transfers (United Central Bank): $1,134,089.00
Total Collected (Sept 9th 2010): $2,562,689.00

(Two million, five hundred sixty two thousand, six hundred and eighty nine dollars)

As per my last report on Aug 31st 2010 we had just managed to cross a million.
This means that we collected over $1.4 million in the last 9 days.

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities, usually & brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.
This is true for the land of the pure today more than it ever was.

Therefore, remember that persistence in spite of all obstacles & impossibilities distinguishes the strong from the frail.
We’ve got to keep pushing.
The task on hand is a tremendous one.

Next stop $4 million by the end of September 2010.

Ali H Zaidi
Imran Khan Foundation
+9715 505 6263


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5 responses to “Two Million Dollars and counting.

  1. Tallal Chaudary


    Imran Khan you are doing fabolous job and we wish to see you as the Head of The state…..
    and Inshallah ALLAH will give you that place to do something for the people of pakistan….

  2. Noman Ahmad Awan


    After reading all the comments made by you peoples i myself pray from the most Compassionate and the Most Merciful , that May ALLAH be with you peoples and May your all zakat and donation accepted as your good deeds.

    As per Imran Khan its no doubt that this person ‘ve an absolute personality and how peoples are giving donation to him is a question mark on all the Government Sector accepting our President and Prime Minister that Peoples do believe on Imran Khan more than you … So if you peoples are ‘ve some sense than pls do let it know that there is no believe on you by peoples..I’m not here criticizing on Government but its really a Question Mark Query for these peoples.

    May ALLAH bless all of you and May you all ‘ve ALLAH best in every sector of Life …Ameen

  3. shazia arain

    My kids collected some money for Paksitan Flood relief fund at their school, in Davidson, NC.I matched it and could not find a more honest and reliable person to hand it over to, than Imran Khan. I appreciate the hard work of all of u associated w this org. and please let us know living in various parts of US , what we can do to help more. May be fund raising dinners or concerts shoudl be organized to help raise more funds.

  4. Nouman

    AA … I am happy that collection has been good. I myself have donated significantly to IKF and am a big supporter of Imran Khan. Now, I would like the administrators to start uploading video clips and pictures of work being undertaken. ARY and AAJ have shown a lot of footage of what they have been doing. However, PUKAAR has limited itself to promoting the amount collected (over PKR 1 billion).

  5. Ijaz Qazi

    Thanks to Almighty Allah for accomplising the target of 2M$. This should not be the end of it. This has to continue till last needy is setteled in their place with respect and dignity. Let us continue the spirit of giving and encourage others to do this to help the fellow Pakistani citizens in desperate need at this time. Honourable Imran Khan and his team deserve recognition for their tireless efforts in providing all the assitance to needy in remote areas of flood zones. I slute their work and efforts and pray for big reward from ALLAH. Thank you and Thank you very much. Pakistan Zindabad. Ijaz Qazi USA

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