Ansaar – Imran Khan Foundation

The Imran Khan Foundation

Imran Khan describing the problem environment being tackled by the IKF in association with the MKRF. Planning and describing what is needed to effectively come up with creative solutions to the plight of the flood affectees.


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2 responses to “Ansaar – Imran Khan Foundation

  1. Naeem Sheikh

    imran plz establish the villiges before election we see you in two third majority inshahalla

  2. Malik Farooq

    living in New York Queens , Any thing I can do to help, Please let me know. In Pakistan or hear.
    I want to play my role with Imran Khan to help my people, before I die, because I have to answer it, and Only one person in whole country I can trust who is Imran Khan, thansk Allah.
    other wise all thievs and crooks killing the people and country, Every one has to work for Justice and piece in that country, these so called leader highjack this country for their own intrest, not for people of Pakistan. Or pakistan, Only their own agenda to get rich and richer.

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