Imran Khan raised nearly $1 Million for Flood Relief in 4 Days

A fund raising tour to raise money for the flood victims was organized by Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri, President Women Wing of PTI and also Chairperson of International Fundraising for the Imran Khan Foundation. The five city tour in the US was held in Philadelphia, Houston, Sacramento, San Fransisco, and Las Vegas and resulted in raising nearly $1 million.

Video and slide presentations of the villages being built by the Imran Khan Foundation was shown at every station. ” The outpouring of love and support for Imran, by the Pakistani American community was overwhelming. People have always given to the good causes being espoused by Imran Khan, but this time there was an urgency and depth to their concern. The large majority of guests present at the functions were very interested in Mr. Khan’s politics and offered support to PTI”, said Mrs. Kasuri.

The audiences were keen to seek membership into PTI and requested Chairman Imran Khan to press for voting rights for overseas Pakistanis. All functions were attended by a large number of people, including several high ranking American officials.

The Chairman spoke with great conviction and promised that after coming into power, PTI would set things right. He said the main issue of Pakistan was justice and PTI was the party that would provide insaf, judicial and economic. He reaffirmed his committment to the rule of law, justice,  women and minority rights, reforms and enforcement of tax collection procedures, and education for all in Pakistan. The Chairman’s appeal for people to support and join PTI was welcomed with great  applause and enthusiasm, as many registered to play an active role in buliding paying membership and promoting the message of PTI.


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2 responses to “Imran Khan raised nearly $1 Million for Flood Relief in 4 Days

  1. mian sulman

    great job imran bai ham log ap ka sat ha

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