Imran Khan Foundation responds to disaster in Thatta and Badin District


September 10th 2011 (Badin): In a refreshing departure from the visits of other leaders to easily accessible locations, Imran Khan reached some remote villages in Badin on Saturday morning to see for himself the magnitude and severity of the floods caused by torrential rains as well as the total breakdown of the irrigation infrastructure in lower Sindh. Upon reaching the village of Arib Norio in the Union Council Taria, he participated in the distribution of the third load of essential food items to the dispalced families taking refuge on the higher ground. Over 300 heads of the poor households from the six adjoing villages received a bag of essential food items containing flour, rice, lentils, cooking oil, tea and sugar to help a family of 6 to 8 members for over a week. So far Imran Khan foundation has deliverd over 6000 food bags in Badin and Thatta district benefiting over 50,000 people.

The food distribution is carried out by the IKF team with the help of recently enrolled Village Volunteers who receive half a day’s worth of crash training on effective delivery of food relief and are a strong emerging team of workers from the villages hit by the floods. ” We do not have money and means to help our community in this hour of need but we can give our time and a helping hand to help them face harsh and inhospitable conditions” says Noor Shah, 18, a volunteer from Chak 22, a small village submerged in over 7 to 8 feet of water.

Visibly moved by the grim condition of the families stranded on the road side and on the higher ground along with their animals, Imran Khan commented that ” while this is an unfolding tragedy, yet it is an opportunity to fullfill our duty towards people in need”. He advised the IKF team to spread their work rapidly to more villages.

Giving a heads up to Imran Khan, IKF’s Chief Executive Officer Naseem-ur-Rehman underlined the gravity of situation. “The immediate devastation is compounded by the fact that poor farmers have lost, just weeks before the harvesting time their standing crops of cotton, rice and vegetables.” Lets replicate our successful experience of last years Seed Distribution Programme that had reached over a milion people in 34 worst ravaged districts by the super floods of 2010″, said Imran Khan.

IKF is continuing its relief programme in the worst hit districts of Sind. In addition to the essential food items, IKF is sending blankets and tents for the stranded families. The first consignment of tents was dispatched this morning to Naushero Feroz with the assistance of Karachi Relief Trust, a partner NGO that does relief and reconstruction work in the province.

Imran Khan called upon IKF team and new generation of Village Volunteers while delivering the relief they should also monitor the impact of the flood and effectively respond to the needs of the ravaged population relating to their rehabilitation.

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