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Imran Khan Foundation responds to disaster in Thatta and Badin District


September 10th 2011 (Badin): In a refreshing departure from the visits of other leaders to easily accessible locations, Imran Khan reached some remote villages in Badin on Saturday morning to see for himself the magnitude and severity of the floods caused by torrential rains as well as the total breakdown of the irrigation infrastructure in lower Sindh. Upon reaching the village of Arib Norio in the Union Council Taria, he participated in the distribution of the third load of essential food items to the dispalced families taking refuge on the higher ground. Over 300 heads of the poor households from the six adjoing villages received a bag of essential food items containing flour, rice, lentils, cooking oil, tea and sugar to help a family of 6 to 8 members for over a week. So far Imran Khan foundation has deliverd over 6000 food bags in Badin and Thatta district benefiting over 50,000 people.

The food distribution is carried out by the IKF team with the help of recently enrolled Village Volunteers who receive half a day’s worth of crash training on effective delivery of food relief and are a strong emerging team of workers from the villages hit by the floods. ” We do not have money and means to help our community in this hour of need but we can give our time and a helping hand to help them face harsh and inhospitable conditions” says Noor Shah, 18, a volunteer from Chak 22, a small village submerged in over 7 to 8 feet of water.

Visibly moved by the grim condition of the families stranded on the road side and on the higher ground along with their animals, Imran Khan commented that ” while this is an unfolding tragedy, yet it is an opportunity to fullfill our duty towards people in need”. He advised the IKF team to spread their work rapidly to more villages.

Giving a heads up to Imran Khan, IKF’s Chief Executive Officer Naseem-ur-Rehman underlined the gravity of situation. “The immediate devastation is compounded by the fact that poor farmers have lost, just weeks before the harvesting time their standing crops of cotton, rice and vegetables.” Lets replicate our successful experience of last years Seed Distribution Programme that had reached over a milion people in 34 worst ravaged districts by the super floods of 2010″, said Imran Khan.

IKF is continuing its relief programme in the worst hit districts of Sind. In addition to the essential food items, IKF is sending blankets and tents for the stranded families. The first consignment of tents was dispatched this morning to Naushero Feroz with the assistance of Karachi Relief Trust, a partner NGO that does relief and reconstruction work in the province.

Imran Khan called upon IKF team and new generation of Village Volunteers while delivering the relief they should also monitor the impact of the flood and effectively respond to the needs of the ravaged population relating to their rehabilitation.

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UIC and RUSH Come Together to Aid Pakistan’s Flood Victims

In response to the public health and humanitarian crisis caused by the massive floods in Pakistan, students, faculty and staff at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Rush University Hospital in Chicago, USA, came together for a “Fundraising Effort” to support the flood relief efforts in Pakistan. This effort included a fundraising campaign, part of which was a benefit dinner and silent auction, held on September 24th 2010. The event included a speaker panel to educate and increase awareness of the public, regarding the gravity and enormity of the public health and humanitarian crisis faced by the people of Pakistan.
The mission in this collaboration was very simple: raise funds to support the relief efforts in Pakistan. The spirit of this effort was purposefully secular and humanitarian in nature. As word about the fund raising effort spread, people from the community also joined in and made contributions. Through this cross-disciplinary effort, approximately $23,000 were raised and donated to the Imran Khan Foundation to help the flood-affected people in Pakistan.
This endeavor represents our solidarity with the people of Pakistan at this difficult time and is in tune with the theme of our effort: “Together we can make a difference”.


University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

South Asian Medical Students Association

American Medical Students Association
Alternative Spring Break
Christian Medical Association
Islamic Network of Clinicians and University Students
Minority Students for the Advancement of Public Health
Muslim Pharmacy Students Association
New Life Volunteering Society
Pakistani Student Organization
Public Health Student Association
Society of Future Physicians

RUSH University Medical Center
RUSH House Staff Association
RUSH Muslim Students Association

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Imran Khan sends 2,000 bags of seeds to AJK flood victims

ISLAMABAD: A consignment of 2,000 bags of wheat seeds was dispatched to AJK on Saturday for the flood-hit farmers by Pukaar of the Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Foundation (MKRF) and the Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund (IKRF). Imran Khan, while seeing off the convoy of 10 trucks carrying seeds, announced that a scheme had been launched to provide wheat seeds to every province without any discrimination for flood-hit farmers owning 25 acres of land. The scheme will cost Rs600 million and benefit 200,000 affected farm families.

Under the scheme, certified and good quality seeds will be made available to farmers for 150,000 acres of land. He said that houses, micro credit and health facilities were also being made available to flood-affected people by the MKRF and IKRF. In this connection, Imran said, six villages rehabilitated in Noshera district of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa would be inaugurated next month. Speaking on the occasion, a Dubai-based Pakistani businessman, Salim Murad, hailed efforts being made by MKRF and IKRF for relief and rehabilitation of flood-hit people.

Later students of Islamabad and Rawalpindi donated their pocket money to MKRF and IKRF flood victims. The donations included Rs400,000 each from Preparatory School and SLS, Rs200,000 from Head Start, Rs100,000 from students of Beacon House, Satellite Town, Beacon House Margalla and Foundation School, and Rs50,000 from students of Roots Public School Islamabad, Islamabad College of Arts and ICAS. Imran lauded donations of students. Salim Murad presented a cheque for Rs20,000,000, 100 generators and five houses each costing Rs8 million for orphans.


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Imran Khan addressing youth on Flood Releif works of IKRF Oct. 24th,2010

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Imran Khan ki Pukaar raises over a £105k for the flood victims of Pakistan in collaboration with MKRF in UK


(London Oct 10) – Imran Khan Flood Relief (IKFR) UK held a very successful charity dinner on October 9 2010 at the Coliseum Suite in East London. The dinner was sold out with more than 600 guests attending. Key sponsors were Lahore Kebab House (Mohammad Siddique) and MKRF (GEO).

As soon as Mr Khan arrived, Ms. Durdana (ex BBC presenter) started the event by inviting Allama Hafiz Mohammad Jamshed for Talawat Quran Pak.  Atif Chaudhary, a key member of the IKFR events team gave an overview of the situation in Pakistan and the objectives of the dinner which were to raise funds for the flood victims.  Next came Ms Rabia Zia (IKFR UK) who acknowledged & thanked all the guests, including the sponsors, the raffle prize donors (Khwaja Imtiaz, Zameer Haider, Moni Das) & the donors for the auction (Arfan Akram, Nabeel Mussarat, Rashid Sultan) as well as the IKFR UK dinner team. Ms Zia provided an update on the funds collected so far by IKFR UK which total £ 657000.  After dinner, Mr. Imran Khan & Ms Zia met with individual guests to thank them for their support and participation.
Mr Khan then took the stage and gave an overview of what IKFR is doing in the short, medium and long term for the flood victims in Pakistan.  At present IKFR has provided immediate relief by sending trucks full of food and medicine to 35,000 families.  Also 55,000 families have been helped through medical relief centers that have setup.  IKFR is also providing seeds to 200,000 farmers in time for the next harvest.  This will prevent food shortages next year.
Mr Khan then went on to describe the model villages that IKFR is building which include houses, proper sewerage, water and electric supply lines, roads, a medical centre, a community centre, a school and other amenities as well as seed and livestock for the families. IKFR plans to build approximately 100 of these model villages based on impartial selection through a ballot.  A village can comprise of 200 to 1200 homes depending on the size of the community. An average home costs approximately PKR 125,000 to 150,000 (£1500). However this cost will vary across provinces.  Thus a village will cost approximately £500,000. IKFR will also provide zero percent micro financing so that people can re-build their lives.  Imran Khan also said that IKFR is committed to keeping the administration’s costs at a minimal which are at 0-1 % at present and will be kept at this mark.  Mr Khan explained that people all over the world can participate in this effort by ‘adopting a village’ as part of the reconstruction / rehabilitation phase. IKFR is also working with Google Pakistan to avail the technology that will enable people to see the progress of each village.
Mr Khan explained that the Government of Pakistan has been ineffective as it has not been able to cope with the current scale of the disaster and even until now the Government does not seem to know what is required across Pakistan for the flood victims. IKFR has used the advice of the Disaster relief agencies to formulate the medium and long term plans. Mr Khan described the governance structure of IKFR including the Board members and said that we are using Ferguson’s for auditing the IKFR accounts.

The speech was followed by a short Q&A, and an auction in which Mr Khan participated fully.  The evening ended with a raffle and entertainment by artist Qasim.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who made this event a success starting with Atif Chaudhary, Zaid Ansari, Rizwan Chand, Asim Khan, Khurram Naeem, Faisal Khwaja, Sobia Zia, Kashif Chaudhary, Yaseen Ilyaas, Sadia Afghan, Muhammad Qasim, Arfan Akram, Yaseen Shah, Shazaib, Saleem, Faraz Anjum, Mr Akram, Ahmad Raza, Ali, Furqan, Ibrahim Dar for photgraphs and Latif Qureshi for the video.   We would also like to thank the media and journalists for their coverage including all the security volunteers.


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Fundraiser at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in McLean Virginia

Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri During the Sunday service of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church in McLean Virginia, church members gave donations to relief efforts in flood hit Pakistan.

Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri of the Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund spoke to the congregation about the floods and their impact, and requested that church members donate to the cause. The event was the result of an inter-faith dialogue initiative between St. Thomas church and a local Islamic center.


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Pakistan 2010 Catastrophe

The Imran Khan Foundation independently and also in conjunction with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has put a program in place to help the victims of this calamity.

Some of the things we are doing to  are as follows:

  • Setting up camps for the displaced people
  • Setting up Mobile clinics
  • Continuous distribution of Ration Bags

We desperately need your help in making sure that these efforts continue.

Please donate generously using any of the following methods:

  • On Line using PAYPAL on

    Donate $10 per month

  • Direct deposit in our USA account:

    Beneficiary: The Imran Khan Foundation
    Bank: United Central Bank
    Please email us at for bank transfer information.

  • Mail your check made out to ‘Imran Khan Foundation’

    Imran Khan Foundation c/o
    Shafiq Khan
    30 Barcelona
    Irvine, CA 92614

For more information you can contact the following individuals in your respective areas:
United States:
Narjis Ali                       DC                     1 571 212 1098
Ali Asim Khan             NJ/NY            1 908 248 2746
Dabbir Tirmizi             NJ/NY            1 973 668 6496
Shafiq Khan                 West Coast      1 626 272 9142


Ali Zaidi
Founding member
The Imran Khan Foundation
Member CEC Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Pak: +92321 8239007
Dubai: +97150 505 6263

The Imran Khan Foundation is a nonprofit corporation and a registered tax-exempt public charity under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.
Our EIN # is 20-3770402
Your contribution today to The Imran Khan Foundation is tax deductible in the US to the full extent as permitted by law.


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