Orlando – October 23rd 2010

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Payment Rules and Options

To secure your seats for this show, you MUST donate a minimum of $100 per person to “Imran Khan Foundation” and here are few Options:

1) Please send a check (Postmarked no later than October 16th) payable to “Imran Khan Foundation” to the following address:

Attn.: Khawar S. Hassan
4308 Andover Cay Blvd.,
Orlando, FL 32825

Please make sure to include your mailing address and upon receipt of your check, we will be sending you your tickets

2) Tickets can also be purchased by contacting our local representative with a donation of $100 per person to Imran Khan Foundation.

3) If you feel comfortable, you can also donate online. But to secure your seats, please notify us of your payment at “cuorlando@gmail.com” or by phone as early as Tuesday, October 19th, 2010.

4) Please contact our local representatives for cash purchases.

Local Representatives
Khawar Shamsul Hassan 407-617-7099
Adeel Bhutta 407-929-5474

Please keep in mind that there will be No Entry without a proof of a $100 donation to Imran Khan Foundation.

This is an IKF Third-party event, all inquires should be refereed to the team that is organizing this event.