Imran Khan attends Bay Area Groups Fund Raiser for Pakistan Flood Victims

Heavy monsoon rains swept across Pakistan in July, leaving one-fifth of the country’s land area underwater, 2,000 people dead and 20 million suffering.

Bay Area humanitarian organizations have been working ever since to support flood victims, including Buddies without Borders and the Imran Khan Foundation.

As part of the efforts, the groups hosted a fund-raising dinner at Pleasanton’s Castlewood Country Club on Saturday that  featured renowned cricket player Khan.

Recognized for his leadership on the Pakistani cricket team from the 1970s to the 1990s, Khan, referred to as the “Lion of Pakistan,” also is known for his charitable work and political activism. He recently formed the Imran Khan Foundation (IKF) to help Pakistan flood victims.

“Impact  of the floods has already been felt in Pakistan, food inflation has been unprecedented,” Khan said to the 350 people at the event Saturday.  

The fund raiser included dinner and entertainment by the Bay Area band Legend.

Legend members Imtiaz Ahmad, Asim Wali and Noor Lodhi were joined by Manesh Judge (master percussionist) and Michael Anand on guitar.

Lodhi and Judge are co-founders of Indus World Music, which is dedicated to preserving the classical music traditions of Pakistan and India.

Khan urged people to help flood victims “stand on their feet.”

“Adopt a village, school, family and help people help themselves; it is imperative on us to help humans going through crisis,” he said.

Based in the Bay Area, Buddies Without Borders spreads awareness of Pakistani flood victims in the United States through the collective power of children and parents.

The group’s Pennies for Peace Program teaches children that they can help children across the globe, one penny at a time. The program also illustrates that children can move beyond the boundaries of culture or religion.

In six months, local schoolchildren have raised $9,600 through the Pennies for Peace program. 

“Today’s fund raiser provides one opportunity to do my little part, kudos to [Buddies Without Borders] for arranging this event,” said Jafar Safdar of Fremont.

During the event, kids in Buddies Without Borders sang “Dil Dil Pakistan,” which was produced locally by Nabeela Khan.

“I wanted to be a part of this effort to help the flood victims in Pakistan,” said Yasser Khan of San Jose.

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Imran Khan raised nearly $1 Million for Flood Relief in 4 Days

A fund raising tour to raise money for the flood victims was organized by Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri, President Women Wing of PTI and also Chairperson of International Fundraising for the Imran Khan Foundation. The five city tour in the US was held in Philadelphia, Houston, Sacramento, San Fransisco, and Las Vegas and resulted in raising nearly $1 million.

Video and slide presentations of the villages being built by the Imran Khan Foundation was shown at every station. ” The outpouring of love and support for Imran, by the Pakistani American community was overwhelming. People have always given to the good causes being espoused by Imran Khan, but this time there was an urgency and depth to their concern. The large majority of guests present at the functions were very interested in Mr. Khan’s politics and offered support to PTI”, said Mrs. Kasuri.

The audiences were keen to seek membership into PTI and requested Chairman Imran Khan to press for voting rights for overseas Pakistanis. All functions were attended by a large number of people, including several high ranking American officials.

The Chairman spoke with great conviction and promised that after coming into power, PTI would set things right. He said the main issue of Pakistan was justice and PTI was the party that would provide insaf, judicial and economic. He reaffirmed his committment to the rule of law, justice,  women and minority rights, reforms and enforcement of tax collection procedures, and education for all in Pakistan. The Chairman’s appeal for people to support and join PTI was welcomed with great  applause and enthusiasm, as many registered to play an active role in buliding paying membership and promoting the message of PTI.


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Chairman Imran Khan raised more than $140,000 for Flood Victims in Sacramento

A plea for help in Sacramento – featuring a Pakistani national icon – raised more than $140,000 Saturday for flood victims in Pakistan.

The fundraiser was billed as a lunch with Imran Khan, who captained the Pakistani cricket team to a World Cup title in 1992 and has since become involved in politics and humanitarian efforts.

About 380 people – most from the local Pakistani American community – filled a Hyatt ballroom for the event. They donated money to Khan’s foundation, which is rebuilding villages wiped out by floods this summer.

Floods affected more than 20 million people – mostly subsistence farmers who lost their livelihood, Khan said. His Imran Khan Foundation is rebuilding 100 villages with schools and health centers, Khan said.

“It was just such a huge devastation and so little response from the international community,” he said.

Those at the event watched a video of the damage and heard Khan speak about the flooding he witnessed first-hand in his ancestral village.

Many attributed the amount of money raised Saturday to Khan’s credibility.

His fame helps his cause, but Khan also has built a college and cancer hospital in Pakistan, said Muhammad Nawaz, 52, of Sacramento. That Khan says less than 2 percent of money donated to his foundation goes for administrative costs – while the rest goes directly to those in need – inspires faith, Nawaz said.

“People are relying a lot on the idea that he can really do something,” he said.

Few, if any, people at the event had relatives affected by the floods – likely because many local Pakistani Americans emigrated from different areas of the county, said Iftikhar Ahmad, former president of the Muslim Mosque Association in Sacramento. But the sight of countrymen in need makes it “our job to help them,” he said.

“I don’t know anybody affected,” said Mohammad Fayyaz, 47, of Sacramento, who said he was born in Pakistan and left at age 15. “Overall we’re all family.”


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Imran Khan Foundation Seed Distribution in Nowshera

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Imran Khan Foundation Youth Mobilization Campaign in Lahore

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IKF – Seed for Hope


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ZAFCO Aiding Pakistan Flood Victims, through IKFR Fund

DUBAI, UAE, October 25, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — In response to the unprecedented flood disaster that devastated Pakistan, ZAFCO through its chosen charitable institution – Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund donated more than AED 30,000 enough to feed approximately 250 affected victims of the massive floods for 30 days.

Imran Khan a sports super star – former Pakistan Cricket Captain turned into a philanthropist, humanitarian, Chairman of the Board of Shaukat Khanum Hospital (the only charity based cancer hospital of its kind in Pakistan), an ex member of the Parliament and leader of the political party Pakistan Tehrik – e – Insaf, launched the fund after the floods, which as per the UN has affected more and caused more devastation in Pakistan than the Asian Quake, Haiti Quake and the Tsunami combined.

The ceremonial donation hand – over was held at ZAFCO’s Corporate Office in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Mr. Gopiraj KV, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Aftab Khan, VP for Marketing of ZAFCO handed over the donation to Mr. Ali Zaidi, President of Imran Khan Foundation, a US based registered NON Profit Charity.

In his remarks, Mr. Gopiraj KV called for compassion on the immense devastation and appreciated the work IKF is doing to provide relief to the flood victims.

“Aside from our endeavor to participate in activities promoting the environment and efforts towards a green community, ZAFCO is very much committed in the pursuit of social service. We will continue to develop and strengthen our humanitarian assistance programs at ZAFCO”, he added.

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